Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Chicago veteran record collector, DJ, producer and owner of independent record label Black Pegasus Music has been involved in the music industry for over two decades. Marc first got his start as an admirer of the DJ culture in the early 80’s listening and watching neighborhood legends Chico Frye, Steve “Silk” Hurley, and Eric “E.T.” Taylor. This gave Marc the confidence to get his own set of turntables and start shopping for records at Imports and Loop Record’s. Marc became a heavyweight in collecting records purchasing soulful disco, electronica, Jazz, rare funk, afro beat, latin and Brazilian records. This is right around the time Marc linked up with child hood friend Dion Wilson pka NO ID (JayZ, Common, Kanye West Fame) and started practicing his DJ skills and getting his first look into music production. No ID schooled Marc in the art of sampling rare grooves and obscure drum breaks.

Since then Marc has been off to the races recording on various record labels such as Robbins Entertainment/BMG (Savior), Oxygen Music Works/Pinacle (Toot Toot), Skint Records/Sony (Toot Toot), Launch Pad/Topplers (I am the One). He has recorded with a slew of artists from Kool Keith (Ultramagnetic/Dr. Octagon fame) to Roz Nash of Groove Collective. His music has been remixed by the likes of Kurtis Mantronix, Ashley Beedle’s Xpress 3, Fat Boy slim, to Albert Cabrera’s Latin Rascals.

As a mobile DJ, Marc has been able to perform gigs both domestically and internationally. He has played in Cities such as Chicago, St. Louis, San Francisco, Los Angelos , London, Nottingham, Wales, Birmingham, Dresden, Berlin, Hamburg, Paris, Zurich, Geneva, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Helsinki, Stockholm, Gotenburg, Copenhagen, Oslo, and others.

In 2006 Marc created Black Pegasus record label. Black Pegasus is an eclectic imprint releasing underground hip hop, soulful disco, afro & brazilian beats. The first release was a self produced funky House single Trust In Me/Mechanical Melody. The record was well received in European and USA clubs but because of lack luster distribution the potential was not maximized.

In 2010 Marc closed a worldwide distribution deal with Cross Talk and began releasing underground hip hop through Black Pegasus. The next 4 releases included UltraMagnetic Foundation "Ultra Laboratory Stories LP," East Of The Rock "Galaxy Rays Ep", Fully G "There She Goes Again "single, MF 911 "The Ruckus EP"

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