Friday, June 10, 2011


During the 1990's in Chicago Hip Hop artists were striving to get signed to major labels but most were over looked. A handful took it upon themselves and pressed up there own records and walked it into the stores and to DJ's to get it heard.

One of the major players to do this was the Bellwood duo,Fully G and his partner and producer Diamond Kut. Fully G's 1995 white label single "There She Goes Again" was an underground smash!! This record was limited to 50 copies but was an athem in Chicago Hip Hop venues such as The Elbow Room and The Spot.

This mid tempo soulful gem with hard drums grabs you as soon as the beat drops! Fully G's lyrical break down of the female species being a "gold digger" paints a graphic picture. The scratch chorus quoting "There she goes again the dopest ethiopian" from Pharcyde's "Passing Me By" puts the icing on the cake!!

The Andy C (All Natural Fame) and Grant Parks remixes both give the original a serious run for the money with two different grooves. There hasn't been such a challenging single since A Tribe's Bonnita Applebum 12 inch.

A1 There She Goes Again (Radio)
A2 There She Goes Again (Street)
A3 There She Goes Again (Andy C Remix)
B1 There She Goes Again (Instrumental)
B2 There She Goes Again (Andy C Remix Instrumental)
B3 There She Goes Again (Grant Parks Remix)

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