Thursday, June 2, 2011


All star Hip Hop producers TR Love & DJ Moe Love of the legendary UltraMagnetic MC’s return to the market with a double LP entitled Ultra Laboratory Stories and under a new moniker UltraMagnetic Foundation. These two funk scientist stick to the Critical Beat down formula and keep this album layered with distinctive grooves and hardcore drum programming. Vocal wise, Ultra members, Kool Keith, Ced-Gee, Tim Dog, and TR Love spit fire, while south Bronx new comers, Fred Beanz, Diabolique, and Street Ruckus Mc’s make an impressive debut.
From the soulful piano stabs on Is it them to the funky chops on Throw Your Hands up to the dusted unreleased version of Plucking Cards and to the 2010 chorus line, Mind Games, this album stays consistent and shows you how well produced music makes a hip hop album sound full and complete.
For all the buyers and hip hop aficionados there’s too many bangers to describe each one individually but according to the heads on the web blogs this album is certified a classic!!

A1 Intro (The Drama)
A2 Is It Them (Keith & Ced)
A3 Ride Wit Us
A4 Cold Crush Interlude
A5 Pain & Changes
A6 Mind Games

B1 Make It Rain
B2 Bronz Bombers Interlude
B3 Throw Your Hands Up
B4 Mix It Down
B5 Sub

C1 Plucking Cards (Unreleased Version)
C2 TR's Verse Interlude
C3 The Cipher
C4 Baby I'm Mad
C5 The Anger, The Extasy Interlude
C6 Mechanism Nice (Unreleased Version)

D1 TR's Feelin It
D2 My Life
D3 Live & Learn
D4 It's Hard To Understand
D5 Funk Radio

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  1. lord have mercy this is what i needed to hear today. Thanks for bringing that dust back Ultra.