Sunday, January 29, 2012

Steady Serv "You Know The Time" EP BP-06

Once again the mighty Black Pegasus dusts off a holy grail that has been buried since 1994 in the Chicago hip hop demo shrine. This relic is the immortal "You Know the Time" EP by Chicago legend Steady Serv!! Back in the summer of 1994 the craft-matic lyricist, Stedy Serv, along with legendary producer Andy C. (BSTC, All Natural, Mary J. Blige Fame) and Superman DJ, Tone B. Nimble (All Natural Fame) whipped up a timeless piece of funky Hip Hop at United Technique Studios. This session manifested into a 3 track demo that was championed by DJ Kevin Beacham on his underground hip hop show "Time Travel Radio" on 89.3 FM WNUR and was cetified "Classic". This 3 song demo casette tape defined "boom bap" before it was "boom bap"!! Lyricist Steady Serv was dropping metaphoric inteligent funky flows over Andy C.'s soulful samples and hard drums on the sweet "life Of Luxury". The razor sharp scratch chorus from Gang Starr on the dark and errie "Better Safe Then Sorry" is the epitomie of hip hop during this time. last but not least though and self titled track "You Know The Time" is a pure monster anthem!! Andy C's bass line chop from Bruce Lee's movie sound track "Enter The Dragon" will have you jumping in a mosh pit!! The track was so powerful there was a limited Test Press run of 25 copies of "You Know the Time" song given to select DJs in 94 that has since been lost into obscurity. Black Pegasus is proud to announce the official release of "You Know The Time" EP, which includes for the first time all the 3 songs on vinyl and OG instrumentals for the self titled "You Know The Time'. This will be a very limited edition release!! Pre-Orders will be accepted very soon, stay tune!! Japan/Germany/USA TBA 1) You Know The Time (Street edit) 2) You Know The Time (Radio edit) 3) You Know The Time (Radio Instrumental) 4) Life Of Luxury (Street edit) 5) Better Safe Then Sorry (Street edit) 6) You Know The Time (Street Instrumental)


  1. Looking forward to this official re-release of this set.

    Big ups to Black Pegasus Music


  2. Hi,

    I must say, that's some awesome stuff you guys have been re-releasing so far... All I can say is, thank you so much, and keep it coming!

    Btw, have you ever thought about contacting Verbally Diseased Music and bringing some of those "Definite Vakashun" tracks back to vinyl?

    All the best,


  3. Hi Marc

    I have been waiting on this record for almost 10 months now.

    Are you going to send it to me or give me a refund?