Monday, October 16, 2017


200 Copies Limited Edition Green 

In 2009 while Marc Davis was over in Snickars Record shop in Stockholm, Sweden digging for tunes he ran across a great spirit in the name of Julian Wareing.  Marc was impressed by Julian's knowledge of Chicago's DJ's, specifically Ron Hardy and the legendary Music Box club.

"I was thinking how does a young cat from Sweden know about Ron Hardy"? says Marc. This first impression led Marc to invite Julian to come down to the Bern's Hotel later that night to hear his DJ set of rare disco, boogie, jazz fusion, and Afro rhythms.

Not only did Julian come hear Marc's set In front of a packed venue. He managed to video footage of the set which has sense gone viral on YouTube. "Nobody had ever played tunes like Marc did at the Bern's before".. says Julian. 

This connection created a friendship that bonded despite the transatlantic distance.  Julian experienced "Bangin' In The Park" which is the legendary outside music event in the heart of Chicago's south east side. Here he was able to meet the creme de le creme of Chicago's taste makers of DJ's, promoters, dancers, and lovers of the "party". He met everyone from Sadar Bahar, Lee Collins, Gene Hunt, Jamal Anderson, Trent Odineal, to Hans Cherry, and Teddy Mapp.

While in Chicago Julian also spun tunes at Brian Reave's (Unified Records) night at Lava Lounge along side of Russell Dixon (RIP).
This welcomed him into the family amongst the real heads.

In 2015 Julian spliced up a very rare groovy baseline and presented it to Mika. They both agreed the joint needed to be on wax and on Black Pegasus. They took a trip to Helsinki, Finland and pressed up three acetates that created a slow buzz that bubbled for two years!! 

In 2017 Marc pressed up a limited test presses and passed them on exclusively to Sadar Bahar.  Sadar did his thing and started running the tune to death while on his European and Japanese tour dates!  Every festival from Chicago's Chosen Few, Amsterdam's Dek Mantel, to Croatia's Dimensions Festival heard the monster LightHouse Theme!! 
LightHouse Theme is an instrumental that is pure sweet potato pie on the dance floor!! While the B side track A Good Time is rare groove party heaven!!
Julian Wareing's LightHouse EP is 200 limited, numbered green copies!! 

Wednesday, March 22, 2017


    Since 2006 Marc Davis and his record label Black Pegasus has released a string of limited edition vinyl smashes. The catalogue ranges from previously unreleased golden era hip hop 7 inches, to rare and funky well sought-after disco 12 inches.  From EP's to LP's Black Pegasus’ boutique style distribution arm reaches a world wide demographic of rare vinyl collectors, enthusiasts and die hard vinyl only DJ's.  The records sound warm and phat and look distinct with it's black winged horse logo, often colored vinyl and numbered based on the amount of copies  pressed for it's release.  Black Pegasus' dropped hot joints
 by Tim Dog, UltraMagnetic MC'S, MF 911, Stedy Serv, Fully G, Mika Snickars, Sadar Bahar, East Of The Rock, Tone B. Nimble just to name a few.   It is  rumored the first Black Pegasus' Ultra 7 Series release Ultra Magnetic MC'S  Ain’t IT Good To You (Unreleased Paul C. Edit) Test Press sold for over $3000 Dollars!
    The labels face, sound and direction is spearheaded by Marc Davis.  His passion for tracking down music off old 2 inch reel to reels, rare Acetates, and old demo tapes is what fuels the Black Pegasus movement.  As well as being an all star record collector of jazz fusion, disco Boogie, Brazilian and African grooves Marc is a renowned international DJ.  He is  the first DJ from Chicago to spin eclectic sets of downtempo and up tempo eclectic rare grooves in some of the most under the radar and taste maker European clubs and festivals during the late 90’s until present.
     This opened the door for other Chicago heavy weight DJ's as Sadar Bahar (Soul In The Hole), Mark Grusane (Mr. Peabody Records), Rahaan (Street Edits), Zernel (Grimey Records).

      Marc's DJ history can be traced back to the early 80's growing up in Chicago's south east side hearing and watching pioneers Ron Hardy, Frankie Knuckles, Steve Hurley as well as practicing his skills with child hood friend and legendary producer No ID (Jay Z, Common, Kanye West game).

  In 2017 be on the look out for a Marc Davis European DJ tour as well as a few surprise Black Pegasus' holy grail releases in both hip hop and disco jazz fusion as well as some previously unreleased House Music bangers!