Monday, June 27, 2011

Sadar Bahar Interview from Manchester, England

Phil South, Mark Seven, Tiago – all resounding names in dance music and have all played and shook the foundations of Manchester through revered Manchester club night Cutloose. And again, another huge pioneering name in soulful disco funk music lands in the form of Sadar Bahar. Expect to hear… well, stuff you haven’t before, as it’s this man who has collected some of the rarest grooves around from the beginning of house music’s revolution. Never has the cliched term ‘Expect The Unexpected’ been so apt. We are privileged then to have been able to catch up with Sadar via an exchange of question type words. Check out a mix of Sadar’s below, full of disco funk. Big ups!

newsicmoos (nm): It’s a pleasure to feature you on newsicmoos! Firstly, how are you and what have you been up to in the past week?

Sadar Bahar (SB): I have been fine. Lately, I’ve been working with Lee Collins on the a project for BBE and also the Chicken Wing Edits 3.

nm: You are one of house music’s treasured DJ’s – how did your love affair with house music begin?

SB: I was surounded by DJs when I was young. One of the them took the time time to teach me to blend – that was Charles Breckenridge.

nm: You DJ’d when house music was beginning to gain global recognition. What was it like back then when DJ’ing? How is the scene different to now?

SB: Before it was ‘house’ music loved music, It was like a secret community of people that liked to dance and hear music. It was nothing like it is now. Back then the music that was called ‘house’ was different – we all played disco, funk, italian disco, etc. Artists that made new tracks later took the name ‘house’. I don’t really consider most of music today House music at all.
nm: Can you recall a significant memory that you’d like to share and let us delve in to music history when you DJ’d in the mid-80’s?

SB: Sitting around with all the neighborhood DJs waiting your turn to get on the turntables.

nm: What is it about the music you DJ that really makes you appreciate it? What is it within a record that makes you like it and ultimately play it out?

SB: When i hear something super funky i have to play it. The hotter it is the better.

nm: You’re renowned for scoping out some of the most underground classics that some people may not have even heard of. How do you go about finding these classics?

SB: Digging in record stores constantly and talking to collectors.

nm: What’s been the most exclusive record you’ve got your hands on and which track are you guaranteed to play out?

SB: LeCop – Move your Body, Africano – Open Your Heart

nm: Are there any DJ’s or producers you think we should know about?

SB: DJs: Lee Collins (of course), Trent, Richie Rich, Steve Mathis, Bullit, Brian Reaves, The Chuck Brothers, Mike Wilson, Mark Davis, Jeff White, Mark Gusane, Mike Cole, DJ Goldie, Darrin, Terry James and Producers: BSTC, Mr. Ali, Peven Everett, Gene Hunt.

nm: What’s in store for you in the coming months?

SB: A record release, new mix CDs and the tour in October. We also plan to be very busy in the studio.

nm: Manchester is very excited about seeing you live. What can we expect?

SB: A monster beatdown – bring a sweat towel – class will be in session.

nm: Any last words or shout outs?

SB: Shouts to: Theo Parrish, Garage Paradise, JAW, Spicy Pimps, Josh Milan, Frankie Valentine, Donna McGhee, LeDisque Records, Mark Gurney, Mark 7, Lady Bugs and Hunch Music

To everyone: “Keep vinyl alive and Keep our Soul in the Hole”

Friday, June 24, 2011

DJ VES 120

Funky Beats,sweet blends, sharp cuts, smooth scratches, Fresh Art Work

Monday, June 13, 2011

DJ Marc Davis Bringing The Funk to ST. Louis this week!!

June 24th Funky Friday @ Thaxton Speak Easy 1009 Olive Street, ST. Louis, MO w/Chicago's Marc Davis bringing Disco-house-Jazz-Funk-Afro Beat!! 10PM-2AM


Saturday, June 11, 2011

MF 911 - THE RUKUS EP (BP-04)

Mother F*%king emergency , mega force and 911 are the original suggested names given by Public Enemy’s Chuck D to the Detroit hip hop trio known as MF 911.
MF 911 made up of Ant Live, Mainy Main, and Ced Rat are one of the first groups to put the “D” on the map way before the Eminem and Jay dilla era. Their 1993 debut album Idol The Blood Sport was produced by Ced-Gee from UltraMagnetic MC’s on Next Plateau Records. This album is considered a classic. MF 911 thrived on sounding original, hardcore and most importantly kicking lyrical metaphors!! Although they had a classic album underneath their belts, that didn’t stop them from getting caught up in the record industry politics. In 1996 when the group was at the end of recording there second album “The
Rukus” Next Plateau Records was bought out by major label Mercury Records leaving there new album shelved without a home to release it. In 2011 MF 911 and Black Pegasus is proud to announce the licensing of this classic banger!!

Picking up where "Idol The Blood Sport" left off.  The Rukus takes you on a head boppin boom bap trip where hardcore attitude and lyrical competition is truly appreciated.

The Leed off track "Come On" produced by Track Master 30/30 (Wu Tang Clan Fame) is a slow melodic joynt that cruises while Ant Live and Mainy Mane give the fake "gangster rappers" a verbal beating.  The track "last man standing" is a soul groove dropped over the classic impeach the president drums with the crew describing the struggle to maintain in Detroit.  The self titled "The Rukus" showcases Mainy Mane on the solo tip rhyming over a gritty boom bap track with a dusted Method Man sample for the chorus.  "Real live Shit" is the street anthem with the hypnotic hook from the Group Home's "Super Star" adding the flavor with rugged video to accompany it.

As whole this Ep is rated A Plus for any hip hop lover of lyrical metaphors and funky head snapping beats!!

A1: Come On
A2: Indian Tents
A3: We Bring The Rukus
A4: Real Live Shit
A5: Last Man Standing
B1: The Burner
B2: 45's & 38's
B3: Fairplay
B4: The Rukus
B5: 1970

Friday, June 10, 2011


During the 1990's in Chicago Hip Hop artists were striving to get signed to major labels but most were over looked. A handful took it upon themselves and pressed up there own records and walked it into the stores and to DJ's to get it heard.

One of the major players to do this was the Bellwood duo,Fully G and his partner and producer Diamond Kut. Fully G's 1995 white label single "There She Goes Again" was an underground smash!! This record was limited to 50 copies but was an athem in Chicago Hip Hop venues such as The Elbow Room and The Spot.

This mid tempo soulful gem with hard drums grabs you as soon as the beat drops! Fully G's lyrical break down of the female species being a "gold digger" paints a graphic picture. The scratch chorus quoting "There she goes again the dopest ethiopian" from Pharcyde's "Passing Me By" puts the icing on the cake!!

The Andy C (All Natural Fame) and Grant Parks remixes both give the original a serious run for the money with two different grooves. There hasn't been such a challenging single since A Tribe's Bonnita Applebum 12 inch.

A1 There She Goes Again (Radio)
A2 There She Goes Again (Street)
A3 There She Goes Again (Andy C Remix)
B1 There She Goes Again (Instrumental)
B2 There She Goes Again (Andy C Remix Instrumental)
B3 There She Goes Again (Grant Parks Remix)

Saturday, June 4, 2011


Overlooked by major labels, Chicago hip-hop outfit East of The Rock independently pressed up Galaxy Rays in the 90s. Black Pegasus brings back the EP, which only existed in extremely limited quantities at the time of the initial release (50 copies!!!), and the label provides the world with a rare chance to taste some of the best beats and rhymes to come out of the Windy City. The Mad Thinker, Flux, Mr. V, & DJ Mack Ten combine raw drums, bouncy baselines, and sick samples with thoughtful, smoothly delivered lyrics in songs like "Egyptian Musk(1)" and "Burnout Assassin(2)," and "Mr. Producer(3)," a jazz-funk-influenced track, incorporates a popular Main Source line, "false producers telling lies". Also notable is the title track(4), an unmistakably 90s song featuring a Ultramagnetic MCs sample. Instrumentals included plus a bonus track on the b-side, recommended.


A1 Egyptian Musk
A2 Galaxy Rays
A3 Burn Out Assassin
A4 Mr. Producer

B1 Egyptian Musk (Instrumental)
B2 Galaxy Rays (Instrumental)
B3 Burn Out Assassin (Instrumental)
B4 Mr. Producer (Instrumental)
B5 X Track (Bonus)

Associate Producer: DJ PNS for Molemen Inc.

Friday, June 3, 2011


First release on Black Pegasus Music from the founder Marc Davis himself.

This is a nice piece of wax for all those who can't get enuff of fresh and funky house music.

Released in 2006 the single also features the song "Trust In Me" on the B-Side.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


All star Hip Hop producers TR Love & DJ Moe Love of the legendary UltraMagnetic MC’s return to the market with a double LP entitled Ultra Laboratory Stories and under a new moniker UltraMagnetic Foundation. These two funk scientist stick to the Critical Beat down formula and keep this album layered with distinctive grooves and hardcore drum programming. Vocal wise, Ultra members, Kool Keith, Ced-Gee, Tim Dog, and TR Love spit fire, while south Bronx new comers, Fred Beanz, Diabolique, and Street Ruckus Mc’s make an impressive debut.
From the soulful piano stabs on Is it them to the funky chops on Throw Your Hands up to the dusted unreleased version of Plucking Cards and to the 2010 chorus line, Mind Games, this album stays consistent and shows you how well produced music makes a hip hop album sound full and complete.
For all the buyers and hip hop aficionados there’s too many bangers to describe each one individually but according to the heads on the web blogs this album is certified a classic!!

A1 Intro (The Drama)
A2 Is It Them (Keith & Ced)
A3 Ride Wit Us
A4 Cold Crush Interlude
A5 Pain & Changes
A6 Mind Games

B1 Make It Rain
B2 Bronz Bombers Interlude
B3 Throw Your Hands Up
B4 Mix It Down
B5 Sub

C1 Plucking Cards (Unreleased Version)
C2 TR's Verse Interlude
C3 The Cipher
C4 Baby I'm Mad
C5 The Anger, The Extasy Interlude
C6 Mechanism Nice (Unreleased Version)

D1 TR's Feelin It
D2 My Life
D3 Live & Learn
D4 It's Hard To Understand
D5 Funk Radio

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Chicago veteran record collector, DJ, producer and owner of independent record label Black Pegasus Music has been involved in the music industry for over two decades. Marc first got his start as an admirer of the DJ culture in the early 80’s listening and watching neighborhood legends Chico Frye, Steve “Silk” Hurley, and Eric “E.T.” Taylor. This gave Marc the confidence to get his own set of turntables and start shopping for records at Imports and Loop Record’s. Marc became a heavyweight in collecting records purchasing soulful disco, electronica, Jazz, rare funk, afro beat, latin and Brazilian records. This is right around the time Marc linked up with child hood friend Dion Wilson pka NO ID (JayZ, Common, Kanye West Fame) and started practicing his DJ skills and getting his first look into music production. No ID schooled Marc in the art of sampling rare grooves and obscure drum breaks.

Since then Marc has been off to the races recording on various record labels such as Robbins Entertainment/BMG (Savior), Oxygen Music Works/Pinacle (Toot Toot), Skint Records/Sony (Toot Toot), Launch Pad/Topplers (I am the One). He has recorded with a slew of artists from Kool Keith (Ultramagnetic/Dr. Octagon fame) to Roz Nash of Groove Collective. His music has been remixed by the likes of Kurtis Mantronix, Ashley Beedle’s Xpress 3, Fat Boy slim, to Albert Cabrera’s Latin Rascals.

As a mobile DJ, Marc has been able to perform gigs both domestically and internationally. He has played in Cities such as Chicago, St. Louis, San Francisco, Los Angelos , London, Nottingham, Wales, Birmingham, Dresden, Berlin, Hamburg, Paris, Zurich, Geneva, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Helsinki, Stockholm, Gotenburg, Copenhagen, Oslo, and others.

In 2006 Marc created Black Pegasus record label. Black Pegasus is an eclectic imprint releasing underground hip hop, soulful disco, afro & brazilian beats. The first release was a self produced funky House single Trust In Me/Mechanical Melody. The record was well received in European and USA clubs but because of lack luster distribution the potential was not maximized.

In 2010 Marc closed a worldwide distribution deal with Cross Talk and began releasing underground hip hop through Black Pegasus. The next 4 releases included UltraMagnetic Foundation "Ultra Laboratory Stories LP," East Of The Rock "Galaxy Rays Ep", Fully G "There She Goes Again "single, MF 911 "The Ruckus EP"